About me

Most of my adult life I spent blundering in vicious circles and could not find a way out. I travelled a lot, and spent many years in various countries as an expat (Britain, Switzerland, Israel, Nepal, to name a few). But I realized I just kept running away, and decided to settle down back in Prague, where I was originally born. But still, I was not a happy girl.

Then suddenly several years ago, the path to a conscious life began to open before me, and the Kops Method® (or Life Maps, as we call it in Czech) was part of this process. I went through a therapy with the full cycle of maps, and gradually came to realize my fears, hidden and unconscious behaviour patterns, emotional patterns and mindsets, which not just influenced, but created my life. They all emerged throughout the childhood. And they were the obstacles. Obstacles on the way to a happy life, lived fully, in harmony with my true self, with the world, in peace and abundance. I began to peel off the layers of ego and drop my masks, discover my true nature. And finally relaxed into it.

I am still on the path of uncovering my real personality, my talents, what and who I am really supposed to be. The path is beautiful and fulfilling. I wish I could pass this elevating and enlightening way of personal development further to adults as well as children. My work with the Kops Method® makes this possible. The method will show an adult which old and unnecessary habits to change and how, while it can improve a child’s situation instantly and prevent trauma or addiction. If two or even three generations from a family get involved, the method will help to clear the whole ancestry line and ensure a better life to future generations.