My over-active little girl calmed down

My experience with Marketa was so incredibly eye-opening and inspiring. I came to her with my four years old daughter, who was a happy kid, but at times showed strange, aggressive, sort of ADHD behavior. We started to worry if she might be harboring some aggression, we simply didn’t understand where was this behavior coming from. Marketa really connected with my daughter, and my daughter really enjoyed drawing the Life Map. Markéta read the diagnostics from the map, which was shockingly accurate, and I suddenly understood why my baby girl might be like this. Marketa gave me and my husband a set of advice and things to do with her every day, explained to us her comnunication type, which is different from ours. We began rigorously working with our girl on every day basis and we can see the results now! She calmed down so much, and me and my hubby are considering to do our own Life Maps with Marketa so that we can uncover our own patterns, which we might have passed on to her.

Magdalena Patterson